Image by Charles Deluvio


Animals provide us not only with companionship, but also with emotional support, a reduction in stress and loneliness, and help us increase our social activities. Quantum Animal Club will rescue and nurture animals. They will then be connected with children from various backgrounds, uniting and bonding them together in order to positively impact children's self-esteem and emotional development, creating a path for balanced living.



Project 528 teaches children how to better understand emotional intelligence, as well as the mind-body-spirit connection. This heightened awareness of how these connections significantly impact our health will be learned through the identification of personal stressors, triggers, and reactions. Project 528 participants learn how to read and balance emotions, unlocking unlimited potential to perform, achieve, and positively impact and influence others.

Image by Fitsum Admasu


Sports naturally empower children with the knowledge and understanding of life’s lessons. Through REACH, children will learn not only how to become an athlete & teammate, but a positive member of society through experiencing the challenges of obstacles, conflict, and perseverance. They will learn to become in tune with their bodies through self-awareness. Our REACH sports ambassadors will provide mentorship that is purposeful, therefore balancing, energizing, and teaching children to be responsible for their own resilience. This personal growth will allow children to positively evolve, creating a spirit of giving back and ultimately becoming the best version of themselves.