REACH stands grounded in the positive effects related to the quantum energy field. The field we live in is universal, interconnected, and inter-relates us all. It is through this connection that conscious, informed, and

intelligent energy is directed to recalibrate and restore our energy of mind, body, and spirit. As a result, we can educate others on the importance of balance and corrective energy in the lives of children and animals.


The Foundation brings forward the most advanced innovations in wellness to help children and animals thrive daily. Through the use of these technologies and educational programs, REACH will optimize the synergy between mind, body, and spirit, achieving the highest emotional and physical harmony.



Aaron Headshot 1BW.jpg

Aaron Cameron


CEO Quantum Vibes

REACH Board Member

Quantum Vibes in Malibu, California, is a state-of-the-art wellness center designed to foster optimal health in mind, body, and spirit. The center's advanced technologies restore balance in the body, allowing the activation, acceleration, and amplification of self-healing. The Quantum REACH Foundation was born out of Aaron’s continual passion to give back, focusing on optimizing the health and wellness of children and animals.  

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Denise Richards

REACH Board Member


Denise is integral in the success of Quantum Vibes. She assists in the style and image of the center, as well as manages the needs of all members. She is extremely dedicated to the development of the Quantum REACH Foundation and has a strong passion for animals, children, and their well-being. Denise truly believes that animals are a healing part of her life. This was the fuel behind creating this focused project, preparing animals who are neglected or abused to be united with children who can also share their love. 

Brian Headshot BW.jpg

Brian Gulbranson

COO Quantum Vibes

REACH Board Member

Brian’s knowledge of business development optimizes Aaron’s passion for healing, bringing these healing technologies to people and animals all over the nation. Brian’s interest in the Quantum REACH Foundation comes with his deep love of animals and the importance they have played in his life, as well as his desire to help others. He is passionate about supporting this platform in which animal and children’s projects will be combined. His belief is strong that the connection between the two will have positive life-changing impacts.


Alex Draghici

REACH Board Member

Alex comes to Quantum REACH Foundation and lives life full of passion to inspire and empower others. He has over 25 years developing patents and technology for this purpose. He is the Founder of Forcer Social the newest partnership with Quantum Reach to grow the technology digitally and globally to reach a larger market, to help children and animals improve their lives.

ERikka Photo #2.2.jpg

Erikka Dean-Gulbranson

REACH Volunteer Executive Director

Erikka comes to the Quantum REACH Foundation with a sincere, genuine passion to help others. She has over 28 years of experience in coaching and teaching and is excited to give back her talents and expertise. After having discovered Quantum Vibes, learning about the center’s amazing technologies, and seeing the connection that Aaron Cameron has with energy and healing, Erikka was determined to assist in the creation of the Foundation in order to help educate children, help animals, and improve lives.   


Greg Hannley

REACH Board Member

Greg's business experience in treatment centers to help people overcome addiction and mental health disorders is in perfect alignment and synergy with the Quantum REACH Foundation. He lives a life of being of service and helping others. He has over 40 years experience and knowledge running large corporations and non-profit organizations.   

Sigmar Berg Lovetuner Founder.jpeg

Sigmar Berg

REACH Board Member

CEO  and Founder of LOVETUNER - Sigmar Berg has always been interested in making the world a better place. Whether as an artist, architect or designer, he wants to be the change he sees in the world. His own spiritual journey has brought him to the forefront of a worldwide movement that is more than just a product. The Lovetuner is a revolutionary meditation device connecting us to the 528hz frequency, the frequency of love. The Lovetuner relaxes body, mind and spirit, brings us into balance, strengthens our wellbeing and helps us to achieve a positive attitude towards life. Tuning puts us into a positive emotional and physical state within a few breaths, and enables us to be in perfect harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. 



Rick Darnell

REACH Board Member

Rick has worked tirelessly educating, promoting and establishing vital relationships with governmental, social, non-profit, and for-profit interests. Mr. Darnell draws on decades of experience and knowledge for-profit as well as non-profit creation, sitting on various boards, and as a private entrepreneur. Rick's Network reaches throughout the world from his vast experience a professional Athlete. 

As the current President of the National Basketball Retired Players Association, Los Angeles Chapter, Rick performs a vital role representing Multiple Corporations to individuals, groups and the community at large. Concentrating on giving back and working with kids at risk, and people in need.