Reach Raffle is being held by the Foundation to support the growth of the programming for Children & Animals.

The Foundation brings forward the most advanced innovations in wellness to help children and animals thrive daily. Through the use of these technologies and educational programs, REACH will optimize the synergy between mind, body, and spirit, achieving the highest emotional and physical harmony.

Raffle runs now through December 1st. We will be drawing the raffle tickets LIVE STREAM on the FORCER.LY APP at 3pm! Winners of all the different items will be announced. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP!

Donate $15 or more on our site and automatically enter the raffle for prizes!

RESEARCH provides us with tools to positively transform emotional and physical health through continuous changes in frequency.

EDUCATION provides children and families with healthy treatment options through alternative non-invasive methods.

ANIMALS provide companionship, emotional support, a reduction in stress and loneliness, as well as an increase in social activities, children’s self-esteem, encouraging positive emotional development.

CHILDREN are growing up in a world of daily life-balance disparities. REACH teaches and provides tools to empower them to make healthy life choices.

HEALTH when the mental, physical, and spiritual states are balanced, resulting in illness-free living.


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